NBC streaming service gets a not-terrible name: Peacock

NBC streaming service gets a not-terrible name: Peacock

NBC streaming service gets a not-terrible name: Peacock

Comcast's NBCUniversal said Tuesday its upcoming streaming service will be called Peacock, in an homage to NBC's logo. Morris was inappropriately friendly with his school principal, Mr. Belding (played by Dennis Haskins, who, according to his popular Twitter account, is "still chasing the dream!"), and his ability to freeze time and break the fourth wall was either a blatant rip-off of Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986) or a manifestation of his schizophrenic mental disorder.

The company says it will have more than 15,000 hours of content available, and Peacock will be "center stage" for streaming the 2020 Summer Olympics taking place in Tokyo, Japan.

Saved by the Bell is officially getting a reboot!

That said, however, NBC is one of the more dominant forces in United States television, and a dedicated streaming service with cult classic reboots could help bridge the gap to cable-cutters and so-called cable-nevers that are unlikely to ever subscribe to a cable package or buy an HD antenna.

NBC also revealed that the new series is going to feature a few familiar faces from the original series, Elizabeth Berkley (Jessie Spano) and Mario Lopez (A.C. Slater)!

NBC's new Battlestar Galactica is still something of a mystery, although The Hollywood Reporter describes it as "an updated, more modern look" at the franchise - inspired by the 21st-century reboot, not the original series.

Although making a sequel so many years after a show's initial success is risky, diehard Saved by the Bell fans don't have to worry. On the sitcom side, "The Office" alum Ed Helms will star in the comedy "Rutherford Falls", and Rashida Jones and Jada Pinkett Smith will team up for "Straight Talk". "The influx of new students gives the over-privileged Bayside kids a much-needed and hilarious dose of reality", the description reads.

"For competitive reasons, we believe we've got some ideas that are innovative and don't really want to share those until we get close to launch".

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