New Amazon Echo gets boosted sound and design from the Echo Plus

McDonald's launches world's 1st voice-initiated job applications

Jobseekers can now find work at McDonalds through Alexa

Amazon has been working to keep its momentum: Last September, Amazon introduced Alexa-controlled products ranging from the expected (more Echo smart speakers) to the surprising (a $60 AmazonBasics microwave that can warm food via voice commands - such as, "Alexa, heat up one cup of coffee" - when used with an Echo device).

Amazon began rolling out bilingual capabilities for Alexa, enabling it to perform in Spanish as well as English in the US; French along with English in Canada, and Hindi along with English in india, according to Limp.

Amazon just announced the launch of its new wireless earbuds, Echo Buds, which are now available for pre-order and will ship out in October. There's a new mid-tier $130 Echo Show 8 smart touch display. Echo Studio will also automatically calibrate itself, using the same microphone array that Alexa uses, to suit the room's conditions. It works as an access point for smart homes and sports a USB port for charging.

Other new Echo products weren't surprising but did seem pretty nice. The Echo Flex is a $25 device you plug into an outlet exclusively to have another way to talk to Alexa. Amazon opened the door for health apps on Alexa earlier this year by allowing developers to create HIPAA-compliant apps.

Alexa is also getting a few new bells and whistles, including "frustration detection" that can detect when users are starting to loose their nerve with the voice assistant.

But now let's talk about the weird stuff. They do not include a visual display, distinguishing them from Google Glass, which is marketed toward enterprise customers.

Later this year, Amazon will add a "Home Mode" feature to its Ring smart cameras that will stop the devices from recording any video or audio until directed otherwise.

You probably don't have to worry about Amazon's lack of experience in the premium audio field impacting the quality of this noise reduction technology, which the company borrowed from Bose, one of the most respected names in the market. Note that applying at McDonald's doesn't end with Alexa or Google Assistant. McDonald's has over 38,000 locations in a network of over 100 countries.

New hardware wasn't the only big news for Amazon's smart speakers.

And yes, there's a new $250 Amazon Oven.

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