IPhone 11 Performs Similarly to iPhone 11 Pro in Bend, Scratch Tests

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Amazon India and Flipkart, the two major online retailers in the country, ran out of iPhone 11 stock, as per the report, just three days after pre-orders kicked off on September 20.

The iPhone 11 is achieving great numbers in India. Apple didn't announce when Deep Fusion would come to the new iPhones, only that it would be released later this year.

The iPhone 11 series is also selling well in the USA, especially the 256GB version of the iPhone 11 Pro.

It does this by cleverly combining multiple images, shot at different exposures, for the best possible results.

Deep Fusion solves one of the biggest problems we have with smartphone cameras, and that's the lack of detail in photos taken in medium lighting situations (like those shot indoors). It's always on, unless, of course, you're using the ultra-wide camera.

Deep Fusion will add about a second or so to shooting time, though you won't be kept staring at a photo as it processes - again, all that happens in the background, so you can move right along to the next photo op.

The beauty of Deep Fusion is that it works in the background, but doesn't require the user to fiddle with settings, or take their attention away from framing the shot.

Apple's Deep Fusion samples are spectacular. As you can see in Apple's sample images here, things like skin, hair, clothing, and more look better than ever.

According to local reports, people queued up last week when the new iPhone 11 models went on sale for the first time at Apple-authorized dealer stores. Apple is yet to confirm when the feature will be available to everyone, but beta testers can start trying it out today.

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