Apple confirms 50 percent of iPhones have upgraded to iOS 13

iOS 13.1.3 continues rapid rollout of urgent bug fixes

Apple's own adoption figures show 50% of eligible iPhones are running iOS 13

While half of virtually all iPhones in the wild have upgraded to the new operating system, considering only iPhones released in the last four years raises that rate to 55% (38% of those remain on iOS 12). For now, only 33% of all iPads run on iPadOS while iPads from the last four years have a wider adoption of 41%.

The new iOS 13.1.3 software update was released yesterday, the update comes with a range of bug fixes and performance improvements. And although it's only been around 26 days since the launch, Apple's latest version of iOS is already powering a good majority of iPhones.

Despite users quickly upgrading to the new software, some consumers have been complaining about bugs. On iPadOS 13, iPad users can fit more app icons on the home screen, shrink the virtual QWERTY keyboard, use the native swipe to type feature on the keyboard, and receive desktop websites by default on Safari.

Though not as awful as other updates, iOS 13.0 had Apple scrambling to patch up showstopping bugs and security holes after the release went public.

iOS 13.2 adds the ability to opt out of Siri recordings and switch between video recording resolutions on the iPhone 11 within the camera app.

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