Chick-fil-A to close debut United Kingdom restaurant after LGBT backlash

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'Chick-fil-A has not supported legislative campaigns of any kind in Uganda'. Once you've completed and paid for your order using Chick-Fil-A Dine-In Mobile Ordering, your order will show up on the restaurant's preparation screens and they will fill it.

Chick-fil-A opened its first branch of the fast-food chain in Reading on 10th October, however, it was revealed that the outlet would be temporary eight days later.

Though Reading Pride stated "we respect everyone's freedom to eat wherever they choose", the group nonetheless celebrated The Oracle's decision not to extend Chick-Fil-A's lease.

Reading Pride, a LGBTQ rights group, opposed the restaurant since before it opened and plans to continue to until it closes.

According to Berkshire Live, Reading diners were "deeply divided" and engaged in a "fierce debate" about the opening.

"Whilst the Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy's comments were from 2012 [Cathy was quoted as saying that he believes in the "biblical definition of the family unit"]".

LGBT+ groups expressed concerns about Chick-fil-A's views on LGBT+ rights and the company's donations to perceived anti-LGBT+ organizations.

Former Chick-Fil-A executive Dee Ann Turner discusses the continued success of Chick-Fil-A.

"We are staunchly opposed to Chick-fil-A setting up shop in the United Kingdom and certainly in Reading", the group said in a statement on Twitter.

A spokeswoman for the centre said "the right thing to do" was to not extend the restaurant's lease beyond the "six-month pilot period".

The company said it was "grateful for customer responses to our food" and that the Reading location was part of a longer term worldwide strategy.

"This technology will be particularly helpful for busy parents who can now head straight into the restaurant and have their meal brought to their table at their convenience without waiting in line", Khalilah Cooper, Chick-fil-A's director of service and hospitality, said in a statement.

"When we have an increasing global climate and rhetoric around hate-fuelled values, this is about taking a stand against that", Jaymie Sampa, the 519's manager of anti-violence initiatives, told Global News at the time.

"Chick-fil-A is always evaluating potential new locations in the hope of serving customers great food and award-winning service", a Chick-fil-A representative told Business Insider.

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