Houston Astros fire executive Brandon Taubman after "inappropriate" comments to reporters


Houston Astros Fire Brandon Taubman For Taunting Female Reporters

The team announced Thursday that Brandon Taubman, the Astros' assistant general manager, was sacked for his postgame outburst aimed at female reporters following Saturday night's American League Championship Series victory.

Taubman was under investigation by Major League Baseball for taunting three female journalists in the clubhouse during the Astros' ALCS celebration about the team's acquisition of closer Roberto Osuna. "I'm so f-ing glad we got Osuna!"

The Astros initially denied the exchange had taken place the way it was portrayed but several reporters who were in the vicinity when it happened, including the Houston Chronicle's Hunter Atkins, tweeted that they could confirm the Sports Illustrated reporter's account.

While Luhnow said Taubman's comments are out of character with what the organization stands for and don't speak to a cultural issue, his decision to approve the statement on Monday night and his comments on Thursday would say otherwise.

After the Sports Illustrated report was published, the Astros issued a statement calling the story "misleading and completely irresponsible".

At least one of the women whom Taubman allegedly yelled at was wearing a purple domestic violence awareness bracelet.

We were wrong. Our initial belief was based on witness statements about the incident.

Amid a growing firestorm of controversy that seemed to overshadow their World Series appearance, the Houston Astros announced on Thursday they had termimanted assistant general manager Brandon Taubman.

"That original reaction by the Astros was wrong, and we own it as an organization", Luhnow said during a news conference at Nationals Park, a day before Game 3. Astros manager AJ Hinch told reporters Tuesday that the incident was "unfortunate" and "uncalled for". But subsequent investigation over the past two days found that Taubman indeed directed his profane taunts toward the reporters.

"We have terminated Brandon Taubman's employment with the Houston Astros", the team said.

The Sports Illustrated article claimed that the Astros were glossing over past allegations of domestic violence against Osuna when he was a pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays.

He was promoted to manager of baseball operations before the 2014 season, director of baseball operations in October 2015, senior director of baseball operations in August 2017 and assistant general manager in September 2018, tasked with major league administrative functions and oversight of analytics and pro player scouting. As previously stated, the Astros are very committed to using our voice to create awareness and support on the issue of domestic violence. "We will continue to make this cause a priority for our organisation".

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