The Witcher trailer is here

The Witcher cast at Netflix's The Witcher panel during Comic Con 2019

The Witcher trailer is here

"I know Henry Cavill will be too focused on The Witcher and (please god) Man of Steel 2, but no one would be more fit for Aegon Targaryen", another suggests.

Seemingly flirting with the dark-haired beauty, he responds: 'I had them filed down'. That bath scene is one of them. "Lesser. Greater. Middling. It's all the same".

Thinking of the young royal, Geralt claims he "can't protect her", but his ally informs him: 'If you dismiss her, you will unleash true calamity upon us all'. It seems the show will have plenty of action too, as there are numerous shots of Geralt swinging his swords arounds as he fights monsters.

Long before The Witcher series took the video game industry by storm, the stories originated in Andrzej Sapkowski's novels.

It looks like the new Netflix series might fill the Game of Throne sized hole in many people's TV viewing schedules when it arrives on December 20th.

The Witcher will debut Friday, December 20 on the streaming platform and will track three separate individuals living in the massive world of The Continent and their intertwined destinies.

Cavill dons a wig and colored contact lenses as Geralt of Rivia, the titular Witcher of The Witcher, a breed of monster hunters who do battle against the invading demons from parallel dimensions in the medieval landscape known as the Continent.

Netflix announced it was adapting the books into a series back in May 2017.

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