The new Chromium-based Edge browser is set to launch January 15th

Microsoft Edge gets a new logo redesign

The new Chromium-based Edge browser is set to launch January 15th

Microsoft has revealed a new logo for the Edge browser that will be implemented soon.

The colours aside, designer and users across the web have suggested that the logo does have an inkling of semblance to the Firefox web browser's logo - which has an orange coloured fox swirled around a purple orb. It would be interesting to know.

In addition to running on the Google Chromium engine, Edge will run all platforms such as Apple iOS, Android, Windows 10, and Window 7. Although the software's current version is a long way from the original Internet Explorer, the company is sparing no effort in taking it further still, with a new engine inside and a swirly logo outside.

A new logo for Edge was also officially released today.

Microsoft has failed rather miserably over the years in the sphere of desktop browsers.

Chromium is an open-resource browser implementation that is applied as a foundation by a range of browser developers, which includes Google (with its proprietary Chrome browser), Vivaldi, Opera, Yandex, Courageous, and more. The development started somewhere around May 2019 and the development of the new browser began with the development and canary channels. It led to a series of words found in seven clues, which were then inputted to a Javascript function on Microsoft's Edge Insider website. It will now look more like Chrome. However, Chrome has continued to dominate the market because it's just faster.

As can be seen from the featured image, the new logo still looks like an 'e', but is more in line with the company's so-called 'Fluent' design language that was used to create new logos for all of the Microsoft Office components earlier this year. The default browser on Microsoft has been witnessing dwindling user base since quite long.

A new Edge logo would certainly point to Microsoft preparing a full launch.

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