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How To Fix Download Pending Error In Google Play Store

How To Fix Download Pending Error In Google Play Store

We've all heard it before, "don't download third party apps from an App Store" since majority are malware ridden. Going forward, you'll earn points for every purchase you make through the Play Store.

After a successful run in Japan and South Korea, Google Play's Points rewards program is coming to the west. Google announced today that its free loyalty program will roll out to devices in the U.S. over the coming week.

The great thing about it is that you can donate your points if you wish to support a charitable cause. Buy a book or movie, and you'll earn points. Google has partnered with developers to bring Google Play Points to certain IAPs. The rogue Google Android app provides countless invisible ads and fake clicks, which allows the passing of user data about clicks, real views, and also purchases to ad networks. Basically anything you can purchase on Google Play, by the sounds of it. If you don't see it yet, give it a day or two for the program to roll out to your specific device. As well, Google is offering points to users who download free featured games and other apps. This means you can't just download any game and start playing it and expect it to counts towards your earnings. There are weekly points events to boost the rate at which you earn Play Points. Each tier will also come with its own set of bonuses.

There are four levels of points from Bronze to Platinum and of course where you are on those levels depends on the number of points that you've collected. As you collect points your level will increase, providing you perks like weekly prizes.

Google says you can earn points by spending money on Google Play via in-app items, movies, books, subscriptions, etc.

We shouldn't condemn Google for one malicious app since the giant tech company from Mountain View has provided its customers countless useful apps over the years.

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