Farage says he will not stand in United Kingdom election

Anti-Brexit demonstrators hold flags and a banner outside Parliament in London Tuesday Oct. 29 2019

Anti-Brexit demonstrators hold flags and a banner outside Parliament in London Tuesday Oct. 29 2019

In general, if there is a pending parliament, the uncertainty is likely to continue.

- Absence of clear victor is near worst of all outcomes. Britain is now in the midst of a short but definitely not sweet general election campaign in which every party, every candidate, will happily sell their grandmothers into slavery if it grabs them a few extra votes. Just 20 per cent believe he is doing a good job.

■ SKY NEWS presenter Kay Burley mocked Nigel Farage as "frit" yesterday during a heated exchange with Brexit Party chairman Richard Tice.

Minister for European Affairs Amelie de Montchalin tells Europe 1 radio on Sunday that she's advising French firms to proceed getting ready for a state of affairs through which Britain leaves the bloc on January 31 and not using a divorce deal, regardless of getting a three-month Brexit extension from the European Union.

Or - and this can not be ruled out either - it coud be that Labour and the Liberal Democrats between them win enough seats to make a majority in Parliament, and form the next government.

Well MPs did not actually pass the Withdrawal Agreement Bill.

He followed Mr Farage out of the party and into his former leader's new Brexit Party earlier this year, but Mr Farage announced in April that Louis Stedman-Bryce would be at the top of his list of candidates in Scotland.

Johnson's Conservatives have repeatedly rebuffed Farage after he urged them to abandon their deal with Brussels and form an electoral pact based on a "clean break" Brexit.

Trump first waded into the UK's election campaign last week, telling Farage in a radio interview that the leader of the opposition Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, would be "so bad" for Britain if he wins.

"Johnson's Trump deal Brexit puts a price tag on our NHS".

"Under a Labour government: Remain will be on the ballot paper".

"Brexit is a "single factor issue" that is going to add substantially to the number of swing seats, and it's also going to increase the size of the swings which occur".

There had been reports the party might stand down candidates in seats where the Brexit party might take away votes from the Conservative candidate and risk allowing remain supporting candidates from other parties to win.

He added: "It's very hard to do both". Labour says the Conservatives want to move to an expensive, privately-owned US-style system.

Above: Pound-to-Dollar rate shown at daily intervals.

The main opposition Labour Party says it will take a bit longer, six months, to end more than three years of uncertainty triggered by voters' decision in 2016 to leave the 28-nation European Union after more than four decades of membership.

Kate Allsop will represent Brexit Party in the election on December 12, where she will stand against Ben Bradley of the Conservatives, Sonya Ward of Labour, Sarah Brown of the Liberal Democrats, and independent Sid Pepper.

"Well here we are, almost the end of 2019 and Brexit is not done, or anything like being done". "Failure to leave the European Union on October 31 is a matter of deep regret", he added, while maintaining that his deal remained to only way to get Britain out of the bloc.

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