Gov. Bevin requests recanvass of Tuesday's vote tally


Kentucky Attorney General and democratic Gubernatorial candidate Andy Beshear votes on Tuesday

In Kentucky, Democratic Attorney General Andy Beshear, whose father, Steve, was the state's last Democratic governor, scored a narrow victory over Gov. Matt Bevin despite an election-eve rally headlined by Trump.

Still, while the election results may ease Democrats' fears about their impeachment efforts backfiring politically, Republicans are unlikely to alter their calculations about sticking with the president.

"Clearly this is not a repudiation of Republicans in Kentucky", Fleischer continued. Other statewide GOP candidates in Kentucky won by comfortable margins.

Although the presidential election is more than a year away, critics may seize on Tuesday's results as a reflection of Mr Trump's popularity among voters as he faces an impeachment inquiry. "Donald Trump caused him five and a half, six percentage points by that one rally!"

The loss for Bevin, who was unpopular during his tenure, came after President Trump joined the incumbent at a campaign rally on Monday to support his reelection. This year the projection is that it will be 42 percent.

The tighter result for Reeves reflected the same suburban trends seen in other states.

In Mississippi, where Republican Gov. Phil Bryant was barred from running again due to term limits, Republican Lt. -Gov.

Beshear was leading with 49.4 percent, or 706,865 votes, to Bevin's 48.7 percent, or 696,918 votes. "But it's really hard to get away with it in states like Pennsylvania, where you have huge population numbers that just can't be overcome in rural areas".

Yet Richard Simmons, 63, a butcher from Glen Allen, Virginia, was just as staunchly in the GOP camp, saying he voted for GayDonna Vandergriff in a state House race. "And they will build it up", he said. Trump said on Twitter. "He's helped the economy, like, big-time".

Even so, those races - and other contests in MS and New Jersey that saw no changes in power Tuesday - were embraced by Trump and the Republican Party as key tests of the president's popularity.

Donald Trump's 2020 Campaign Manager Brad Parscale noted the president's recent visit to Kentucky provided a strong boost to Bevin's supporter base.

"Before Donald Trump went to Kentucky on that last night and had those stupid shirts that had "Read the transcript" printed up ... his party lost the biggest landslide vote loss in the history of the United States Republican 2018 for following him blindly", Scarborough outlined.

The former general counsel for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Cameron has worked as an attorney for Frost Brown Todd over the past two years.

"We need moral leadership that seeks to unite this country and work for a better future for all Americans". The powerful senator likely will see a fundraising bonanza for a potential challenger if Beshear prevails.

So far this year, state politicians have introduced 300 bills restricting access to abortion, according to data compiled by the Guttmacher Institute, a reproductive health research organization.

"I'm here to officially declare today, November 5, 2019, that Virginia is officially blue", the Democratic governor, Ralph Northam, told a crowd of supporters in Richmond. It may not say a whole lot about who will win in an actual swing state like Wisconsin, either. A measure to make Tucson, Arizona, a sanctuary city was overwhelmingly defeated by voters there.

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