Mexico massacre: Devin Langford, 13, walked 23km for help

Mexico massacre: Devin Langford, 13, walked 23km for help

Mexico massacre: Devin Langford, 13, walked 23km for help

It wasn't clear whether the doomed group - all dual US-Mexican citizens and part of a Mormon community that settled in Mexico decades ago to pursue polygamy - were targeted due to their past skirmishes with the ever-encroaching cartels or simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Because all of the victims had dual US-Mexican citizenship, Mexico will keep US authorities apprised of progress in the investigation.

Yet another toddler, 7-month-oldschool Faith Marie Johnson, modified into once learned in a automobile seat that her mother put on the flooring for the length of the shootout to provide protection to her, Liddiard acknowledged. They all left the community at the same time, driving in three separate SUVs.

"They went to these remote corners where they wouldn't be bothered", he said, adding that the settlements have marriage ties to others in the United States.

"My family have been generational polygamists all the way back to (founder of Mormonism) Joseph Smith and my mother was raised in this", said Bostwick, who now lives outside Seattle and has not returned to the communities since she was a child. As per the reports, Dawna, along with her two sons Trevor and Rogan, died on the spot.

The Juarez cartel apparently wanted to send a message that it controlled the road into Chihuahua.

After his mother was shot in an ambush near the US-Mexico border, a 13-year-old boy hid his siblings and walked for about six hours to get help, his family said.

The Sinaloa and Juarez Cartels have for years been at odds over lucrative routes in the border region used to move cocaine, heroin and other narcotics into the United States.

Mexican authorities have announced that one man who may have been involved in the killings has been taken into custody.

"Somehow she had remained untouched, and alive", wrote relative Kendra Lee Miller in a Facebook post Tuesday morning. For 11 hours, the relatives had no idea about what had happened to their loved ones.

"That's one of the most relevant details we can give you", he told reporters at a news conference on Wednesday.

The youngest of Devin's siblings, 9-month old Oliver, was shot in the chest; 8-year-old Cody had bullet wounds to the jaw and the leg, while Xander, 4, had been hit in the back. After two hours of insane searching, McKenzie was finally found. David Langford, Devin's father, came back from Tuscan, Arizona, after hearing about the incident. Another sister, Kylie, was shot in the foot, while sibling Ryder was uninjured. Miraculously, eight kids, ranging in age by 7-months older too early adolescents, endured the ordeal. The five were all shot and burned in their vehicle.

The survivors, according to LeBaron's posts, are Kylie Langford, 14, who was shot in the foot, Devin Langford, who was not injured, McKenzie Langford, 9, who was grazed by a bullet in her arm, Cody Langford, 8, who was shot in the face and the leg and is now hospitalized, Jake Langford, 6, who was not injured, Xander Langford, who was shot in the back and Brixon Langford, 8 months old, who was shot in the chest.

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