Dolphins confirmed to attend workout for QB Colin Kaepernick

LILBURN GA- MARCH 31 Colin Kaepernick attends Huncho Day on the Nawf 2019 Team Huncho vs Team AK at Berkmar High School

Dolphins confirmed to attend workout for QB Colin Kaepernick

Take Gruden's comments for what you will, but don't expect the Raiders to have any interest in signing Kaepernick.

The NFL in February settled a collusion grievance Kaepernick and former teammate Eric Reid filed against the league.

Let that one sink in.

The QB's reps added that the league had asked Kaepernick to sign "an unusual liability waiver that addressed employment-related issues" as a precondition to the workout.

Late on Tuesday, Kaepernick said in a Twitter message that the NFL's head office reached out to his representatives regarding the workout in Atlanta on Saturday. From Kaepernick's perspective, it wasn't about Roger Goodell cleansing his conscience, and it wasn't about Jay-Z repairing his reputation. Kaepernick would not be an upgrade over Allen or Barkley, and thus, it's hard to imagine the team bringing him in, regardless of betting odds.

Reid was at Kaepernick's workout at the new high school site. The NFL first announced that representatives from all 32 teams would be there, then backtracked and said it didn't know how many teams would be there, and also wouldn't publicly be saying who would attend.

The good news for Kaepernick is when looking across the league, there are plenty of teams that could use some extra help at the quarterback position, and even though the chances of him actually seeing action in a game are slim, anything is possible at this point.

"What decision makers are going to be able to attend that workout?" We now have no idea who Kaepernick will be working out for, and to what end.

A number of National Football League scouts had already gone inside the Falcons' indoor training facility when word came the workout was being shifted from the sprawling suburbs north of Atlanta to Charles Drew High School in Riverdale - south of the city, near the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Less than 48 hours before the event, the NFL's PR wing sent out this tweet regarding Saturday's activities. The receivers are expected to be mostly players who were on teams during the preseason.

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