Facebook acquires Beat Saber developer

Oculus x Beat Games

Facebook acquires Beat Saber developer

Now the developer, Beat Games, is bought by Facebook, but the studio is not going to become another gear in the machine of the social media giant.

The deal will not affect the main project of the studio, Beat Saber. The company also mentioned that the game will not be made as an Oculus Rift exclusive, and will still be available on other supported platforms.

Beat Games' flagship title, Beat Saber, is a rhythm game featuring original music that had sold more than a million copies when the studio last shared download figures in May. Oculus Studios says that the 360-degree levels and extra music will still appear at the end of the year. "Facebook and the Beat Games team know that there is so much more that can be done across VR, games, and music".

Since then Beat Games continues to keep Beat Saber interesting and relevant with a regular rollout of new tracks, affiliating with the likes of Panic! Facebook will be focusing on creating new ways to add better experiences for the VR audience is not just the gaming department but also music.

Beat Games' headquarters will remain in Prague, Czech Republic. Facebook also stated that updates for non-Oculus platforms won't be slowed down, and will roll out at the same time. I profiled Beat Games earlier summer, and spoke with co-founder Jaroslav Beck about his desire to keep the team small and his concerns about survival. As a reminder, our most recent policy updates give more clarity to how developer mode is meant to be used, such as helping developers build their apps or for enthusiasts to explore new concepts. This is just the beginning.

With Oculus focusing on refining its VR headsets and other hardware in recent years, and given less attention to the gaming side of things, Beat Games could help solve that part of the equation. On modding, there will still be some openness though any mods that breach the rules by using unauthorised content, infringe on IP rights, or contain malicious code will not be allowed.

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