Meng Wanzhou: Oil work and books for detained Huawei govt

Meng Wanzhou: Oil work and books for detained Huawei govt

Meng Wanzhou: Oil work and books for detained Huawei govt

Canada has also enacted sanctions against Iran - many countries have, as part of a campaign to pressure Iran into abandoning its nuclear ambitions - but Meng's lawyers argue that the Canadian sanctions in force at the time of Meng's arrest were not equivalent to the American sanctions.

But to Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei, she is the daughter he praises for her year of "suffering".

Meng, who is Huawei's chief financial officer and the daughter of the tech giant's founder, was arrested at Vancouver's airport last December.

Her experience contrasts with two Canadians detained in China afterwards.

They are being held in a detention centre and are allowed only infrequent visits from consular staff.

Their conditions have been described as harsh - the men are subjected to six to eight hours of interrogation a day, are not allowed to go outside and instead spend their time in prison cells where the light is kept on 24 hours a day.

In July, guards reportedly confiscated Mr Kovrig's studying glasses.

Ren says Meng's detainment has introduced them nearer than ever earlier than.

Ms Weng was granted bail 11 days after being detained.

In her open letter - published on the Huawei website - she said the applause in the public gallery after the court's decision "made her burst into tears".

Now, she wrote, time passes so slowly "I've sufficient time to learn a ebook from cowl to cowl. I can take the time to discuss minutiae with my colleagues or to carefully complete an oil painting".

Meng stayed silent on the now tense political relations between the countries and instead extended her note of thanks to the Canadian correctional officers and inmates at the Alouette Correctional Center for Women, where she was first taken into custody.

A spokesperson for Huawei Canada says the application was filed November 13 and claims that attempts to extradite Meng "cannot meet the standard of double criminality stipulated in Canada's extradition law". She is going to formally problem her extradition to the a listening to on January 20. The company denies these allegations.

Ren stated he would not know the important functions of Kovrig and Spavor's arrests, collectively with that he's in no space to comment on the distress.

Their detention led to a diplomatic and commerce row, with China blocking tens tens of millions of ' price of Canadian pork and vegetable oil exports. Canada has condemned their arrests as arbitrary, and new Foreign Minister François-Philippe Champagne says the release is his "absolute priority".

"I'm no longer afraid of the unknown", she said.

Shortly after her arrest, China arrested two Canadians for threatening national security, a move generally considered as retribution.

Cong said that he stressed to Meng that Beijing is "determined to protect the just and legitimate rights and interests of its citizens and enterprises, and will continue to urge the Canadian side to correct its mistake and take measures to solve the issue as soon as possible".

"These two cases they are very much different in nature", he said.

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