Almost 6,000 United States sexual assaults reported to Uber in 2017 and 2018

B.C. government says it has safety measures in place in wake of Uber report on sexual assaults

Uber's report on sexual assaults offers some answers, more questions

"Uber's US Safety Report includes information about Uber's actions on safety, as well as data on the most serious safety incidents reported on our ridesharing platform in 2017 and 2018", the document outlined.

Regulators in London cited uncertainty about Uber's ability to ensure the well-being of its passengers as a reason they revoked the company's license to operate there last week.

At an October hearing, a House committee called on Uber and its rideshare competitor Lyft to improve safety measures.

Uber pledged to roll out new features for riders to verify drivers with a secure PIN code, send a text message directly to 911 operators and report safety incidents to Uber during an on-going trip. There is little comparable data on assaults in taxis or other transportation systems, and experts have said the attacks are widely under-reported. "And I'm not surprised because sexual violence is just much more pervasive in society than I think most people realize". According to the Uber's US Safety report, nine people were murdered and 58 killed in crashes. "They will all be right", Khosrowshahi wrote.

From 2017 to 2018, there were 107 total fatalities across 97 fatal crashes reported in relation to the Uber app.

Regarding the last subcategory, which is rape, Uber received 229 reports of rape in 2017 and 235 reports of rape in 2018.

The report also examined other safety categories, including violent crimes such as physical assaults and motor vehicle deaths.

Uber has been criticized over its safety practices and perceived stonewalling of law enforcement on sexual offenses.

With almost 4 million trips taken a day in the USA alone, Uber said that "people have the right to know about the safety records of the companies they rely on every day". The assault claims reported to Uber ranged from unwanted kissing to forcible penetration. Uber will be able to continue operating in the United Kingdom capital as it appeals the decision. It will have to convince a court it is "fit and proper" by the time of the appeal.

Uber received 464 cases of nonconsensual penetration over two years, and 587 reports of attempted nonconsensual penetration in 2017 and 2018. "We believe it's time for a new approach", the company said in explaining the study. It did not state a release date for its report.

The extent of sexual misconduct, while staggering, isn't unique to Uber, says Ebony Tucker, executive director at Raliance, an advocacy and consulting firm focused on preventing sexual violence. "During 2017 and 2018, more than one million prospective drivers did not make it through Uber's screening process", Uber's study said.

Regulators have long said Uber's screening process was insufficient and inferior to those in place for taxi drivers, with several US cities attempting to compel Uber to mandate fingerprinting of its drivers.

The New York City Transport and Limousine Commission did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Uber's safety report.

New York City is now the only US city where drivers have to provide fingerprints and undergo the same licensing requirements as regular taxi drivers.

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