Chiefs' equipment mishap puts them in danger of forfeiture vs. Patriots

Ahead Of Pats Game, Chiefs' Equipment Accidentally Sent To New Jersey

Chiefs avoid embarrassing forfeit when their equipment finally arrives in New England

Schefter made sure to note that the Chiefs, not the Patriots were responsible for this. ET kickoff between Kansas City and the New England Patriots. A large portion of the team's equipment was accidentally shipped to the wrong city.

Just ahead of Sunday's game, in MA, the Kansas City Chiefs finally got a shipping container full of field gear that was accidentally sent to New Jersey, a report says.

Shoulder pads, helmets and footballs in approximately 35 players' bags was being rushed to Boston to get it to the game in time.

Folk worked out for the Patriots on Friday and is now set to kick in Sunday's game against the Chiefs. It the Chiefs didn't have the equipment by the the time the game started they would have to forfeit, per a source.

Through the NFL's first 100 years, there has never been an instance in which one team forfeited a game to another.

We'll see if the missing gear affects the Chiefs' pregame warmups.

New England suffered its second loss of the season last week, falling 28-22 to the Houston Texans. According to ESPN, the mistake was Kansas City's fault, as the team left it on a plane.

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