Holden has killed off the Commodore

Peter Brock with Holden Commodore ute

Peter Brock with Holden Commodore ute

Holden has axed the Commodore nameplate from its 2020 line-up, ending a badge that carries more than 41 years of history in Australian motoring culture.

"RIP Holden Commodore. My first auto", one wrote.

"The reason we all feel such a connection with it is that it was such a popular vehicle - it was Australia's most popular auto for 15 years straight from 1996 to 2010", Inwood said.

The VF may have been the last Aussie Commodore, but the ZB is the last over all.

The current Commodore is a twin to the Buick Regal sold in the United States and China and the Opel Insignia sold in Europe.

Holden stopped making the Commodore in Australia in 2017 when it shut down its Elizabeth production plant in Adelaide. (Getty) The new ZB Commodore wagon failed to find buyers. The vehicles were then replaced by a German-built model constructed German built model built by former GM subsidiary Opel.

Holden boss Kristian Aquilina stated that the decision to send the Commodore off to the great skidpan in the sky was not an easy one, given the rich history and heritage the vehicle has with Australian roads: "The decision to retire the Commodore nameplate has not been taken lightly by those who understand and acknowledge its proud heritage".

"The decision to retire the Commodore nameplate has not been taken lightly by those who understand and acknowledge its proud heritage."

"The large sedan was the cornerstone of Australian and New Zealand roads for decades", Mr Aquilina said in a statement.

A further 15 models were subsequently introduced, during which time the word "Commodore" nearly became synonymous with Holden itself. "But now with more choice than ever before, customers are displaying a strong preference for the high driving position, functionality and versatility of SUVs and Utes". For 2019, Holden expects Commodore sales to top out at around 8700 units.

Holden will continue sales and deliveries of the Commodore and Astra through 2020 with "diminishing model availability" until they run out.

Holden says it will continue to honour warranty and roadside assistance commitments for existing owners, "with spare parts supply guaranteed will into the future".

The upswing in sales of SUVs (which account for 76% of Holden's total sales) as well as a renewed focus on the ute, are combining to sign the Commodore's death warrant, with the ZB model to be the final incarnation of the humble road hog.

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