Selena Gomez weeds out fame-hungry suitors with 'organic' approach to dating

Selena Gomez Reveals What She's Looking for in a Date

I like group situations.'More

Taylor Swift got very emotional when she heard "Lose You to Love Me" for the fist time, according to Selena Gomez. When Gomez was asked on how to ask someone, you are interested in, out on a date, she said that group situations are mostly preferred by her. Also, a big yes for the playful ones and adventurous but obviously the one who is down to earth and cool.

The satisfaction of her loved ones also loving her music was everything for Gomez.

Gomez said: "There was so much traffic and I was very uncomfortable, let's say "down there" in that area. So I will say that it was the first time that I had maybe soiled my trousers a bit", Gomez relayed in the telling of the story. "I was not excited, but I didn't want to leave".

"I was like, 'This is not that intense, Taylor.' And then she played it and her and she and her mom just started crying". I don't like show off-y. On the contrary, she is also able to tell when it is a good group of guys and they are cool. In a recent interview with the popular United Kingdom talk show, KISS FM, Gomez showed off just how relatable she was with a hilarious and fairly embarrassing story. "It felt great to have people I love see it as that", she concluded.

Insisting one of the most important things is that a man is "genuine", Selena added: "I feel like in the first five seconds, I can tell if I'm meeting someone that just wants one thing". So, it's pretty hard, but that's usually the best way'. The "Lose You To Love Me" singer obtained a kidney transplant amid her ongoing battle with lupus, ended issues together with her on-and-off love, Justin Bieber, spoke candidly about her struggles with anxiousness and despair and a lot extra. She told Ryan Seacrest in October, "Yeah, I think, you know, I'm really grateful too because I've actually experienced that a million times before". The singer announced her upcoming album this year and also hit the stage during the American Music Awards with her new songs.

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