Soon You Can Bid on the Nintendo PlayStation

The Nintendo Play Station prototype is going up for auction

Something doesn't look right here

The Sony/Nintendo prototype console is being auctioned off with Heritage Auctions, and there is still plenty of time to register interest as the Nintendo PlayStation (or "Play Station") is scheduled to go under the hammer between February 27 and February 29 with bidding starting on February 7, 2020.

But disputes caused the cancellation of the project and Sony went on to launch its wildly successful PlayStation in 1994.

During the development of the Super Nintendo (SNES) games console in the late 1980s, Nintendo struck a deal with Sony to create a hybrid machine that would feature a games cartridge slot and a CD drive.

"We turned down 1.2 million from someone in Norway", Diebold told Kotaku, explaining that - if he accepted that amount - he wouldn't have much left after paying taxes, splitting the earnings with his son, and paying off his debts.

IT MAY SOUND like we're deliberately winding you up when we use the phrase "Nintendo Play Station" - like lamenting the lack of Spock in the new Star Wars film - but this actually was nearly a product. Once the auction's over we'll be sure to let you know who gets their hands on this! It sat dormant in their attic for half a decade until Diebold's son discovered it and brought the console to light in 2015.

Though it might have been impossible to know it at the time, Nintendo's falling out with Sony is among the events to happen to the video game medium. But now, he's trying to make some cash off the item: "I can't keep losing money".

Screenshot of the Heritage auction site. "Every trip that we. have taken with it has cost us money out of pocket", written by Diebold in an email sent in Kotaku. Since then, the prototype has been on a tour across the world to various vintage / retro video game conventions.

Heritage Auctions has recently sold a lot of expensive NES games though, including sealed copies of The Legend Of Zelda for £15,000, a sealed Donkey Kong 3 for £33,000, and a copy of the original Mega Man for an eye-watering £57,000.

2005: The unique HEARALPUBLICIST went on to change into the primary online game console to ship greater than 100 million items.

The rare console represents a fleeting association between the two Japanese companies before they took separate paths, ending up as bitter rivals in the video game market by the turn of the century.

In the case of this particular item, since it's never been sold at public auction before, there's really no way to tell.

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