PM urges Britons 'not to argue' in Christmas message

UK govt. to prioritize realizing Brexit on Jan. 31

Boris Johnson wins vote on Brexit deal, paving way for U.K. to leave EU

He also spoke of Christians around the world who faced persecution for their beliefs.

The prime minister will be spending Christmas Day in Downing Street with his girlfriend Carrie Symonds and their dog Dilyn.

"Hi folks, Boris Johnson here, taking a moment to wish you all a merry little Christmas", he said in a video message filmed in front of a tree decorated with baubles and sparkling lights.

That will then be a very hard time for the Royal Family, but I hope they can recover; because whatever difficulties there are with the Royal Family, I prefer it to the alternative options such as like in the United States, where they have an elected head of state, but their head of state is a very political figure.

Speaking of Christians who face persecution, he said: "Today of all days I want us to remember those Christians around the world who are facing persecution".

Mr Johnson, who earlier this week travelled to Estonia to serve Christmas dinner to soldiers stationed at the Tapa military base, said: "I also want to express my personal gratitude to the wonderful members of our armed forces now on deployment and therefore to their friends, family, and children back home who have an empty chair at the table when they tuck into their Christmas dinner". Three times the setback suffered by Prime Minister Theresa may and Boris Johnson.

2019 was, of course, a hard year for Britain, with the House of Commons remaining in deadlock until the recent general election, which saw the Conservatives and Prime Minister Boris Johnson effectively win a mandate to finally sever ties with Brussels in any way they see fit. "Try not to have too many arguments with the inlaws or anyone else and whoever you are, wherever you are, and however you're celebrating, have a very Happy Christmas and I'll see you all again in the new year".

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, in his Christmas message, focused on homelessness and the work of charities such as Shelter, which reported that as many as 280,000 people would be homeless, or living in temporary housing and hostels, in England on Christmas Day (News, 21 December).

Eleven months looks like an impossibility but who's to say that we may not get good news?

Meanwhile the Labour leader, in what is likely to be his last Christmas message, admitted it has been "a hard year for many of us" while he praised those helping at food banks and emergency shelters.

Marcus Stead: It's important that Boris Johnson and his team make it very clear early on to the European Union that they shouldn't play silly games, and if we are not happy with what the European Union is offering; we are willing to walk away and all future business will be done on WTO terms.

"As we recall how the Christ Child fled with his parents to Egypt, let us remember the countless many who endure awful persecution or are forced to flee their homes, and let us strengthen our resolve to prevent Christianity disappearing from the lands of the bible".

"And do everything we can to reach out to neighbours and build that sense of togetherness, not just for Christmas but for all the months and years ahead".

He also urged for everyone to love all their neighbours, ending with: "Even those who believe in unicorns".

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