Plane Crashes Into Two-storey Building, Kills Seven Persons In Kazakhstan

At Least 9 Killed as Bek Air Plane with 100 on Board Crashes During Take-off in Kazakhstan's Almaty

At Least 9 Killed as Bek Air Plane with 100 on Board Crashes During Take-off in Kazakhstan's Almaty

At least 12 people were killed after a Bek Air plane with 93 passengers and five crew on board crashed shortly after takeoff near Almaty's airport.

Passengers who survived a deadly plane crash in Kazakhstan have spoken out about their terrifying ordeal.

The F-100 is a workhorse jet still used in several countries and has a solid safety record.

At least seven reported dead after passenger airplane with 100 on board.

First responders comb through the wreckage of the plane looking for survivors.

It said the plane, a Fokker 100, was carrying 95 passengers and 5 crew members.

About 54 people were hospitalized with injuries, and 10 of them were said to be in critical condition, officials told The Associated Press. "It started. swinging like a boat in a wild river", he said.

The ceiling stopped falling at row 15, where Nazaraliyev was seated, he said.

Footage showed the front of the broken-up fuselage rammed against a building and the rear of the plane lying in the field next to the airport. Someone opened an emergency exit, and the passengers made their way out into the dark, cold morning, using their phones as flashlights.

Guided by their smartphone flashlights and by people's moans, Mr. Nazaraliyev and others dragged the injured people away from the plane for fear it would catch fire. "People are asking for an ambulance and it's not arriving".

People can be heard calling for help in videos of the crash site posted online.

"We're taking them out on our own and helping on our own", a man says.

The editor of the website said one of its journalists, 35-year-old Dana Kruglova, was killed while flying to see her parents for New Year. The airport has released a list of 60 survivors who are being treated at hospitals.

"I was not scared for myself", he said. The plane was headed for Nur-Sultan, the Central Asian nation's capital city. It lost altitude and hit a two-story building.

Tokayev declared December 28 a national day of mourning and appointed Prime Minister Askar Mamin to head a commission to investigate the crash.

Deputy Prime Minister Roman Sklyar said the plane's tail had scraped the runway twice during takeoff, leaving marks.

All Bek Air and Fokker 100 flights were suspended in the wake of the crash, authorities said, and Kazakhstan's president declared Saturday a nationwide day of mourning. Nowadays, the company describes itself as Kazakhstan's first low-priced airline.

He also offered his "deepest condolences" to the victims' families.

It was the worst aircraft accident in years in the oil-rich ex-Soviet republic.

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