Sanctions threat against Iraq "not very helpful", German minister says

German FM criticizes Trump's threat of sanctions to Iraq

Iran: Germany disagrees with US

In response to the massive protests in Iraq following the latest USA aerial assault that killed scores of Iraqis, Donald Trump has ordered 750 more US troops to the Middle East and potentially 3,000 more.

In an emergency session of Iraqi parliament, a bill was passed revoking Iraq's request for USA help in fighting ISIS, and calling for the government to expel United States forces.

Iran's government has announced today that it would no longer abide by any limits on its enrichment of uranium, according to Iranian state TV, raising the risk that Iran will move toward a nuclear weapon and bound to antagonise the USA in the latest escalation of tensions between the two nations.

Some 5,000 USA troops remain in Iraq, most in an advisory role. It was not immediately clear whether there were US casualties. There are 5,200 American forces in Iraq.

Despite decades of U.S. -Iran enmity, Iranian-backed militia and U.S. troops fought side by side during Iraq's 2014-17 war against Islamic State, their common enemy.

Over the weekend, USA officials reported that they suspended their training missions for Iraqi forces to scale up defense of their own base security.

Pompeo strongly criticized the Iran policy of the Obama administration, saying it fruitlessly focused on Iranian proxies rather than on Iran itself.

In this instance, it means staff working on the Iran-US situation are operating out of a crisis centre at the Foreign Office's headquarters on Whitehall.

"We can't just accept this without responding", Maas said.

Iran has vowed to inflict "harsh revenge" on the U.S. after its politicians dramatically opened parliament chanting "death to America" in response to "a declaration of war".

"The intelligence assessment made clear that no action - allowing Soleimani to continue his plotting and his planning, his terror campaign - created more risk than taking the action that we took last week", Pompeo said. "We always have and we always will".

"Trump may not care about the laws of war, but DoD (Department of Defense) planners and lawyers do. and targeting cultural sites is war crime". Trump has tweeted numerous times over the weekend that the US would be quick to respond to any Iranian attacks. Attacks by IS and other armed factions in Syria and Iraq prompted that vote.

"The American people should know that every target that we strike will be a lawful target, and it will be a target designed with a singular mission, of protecting and defending America". In insisting that any US attacks will be legal, Pompeo said Trump "was getting to this point" without making it in his tweet Saturday.

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