Spanish chemical plant on fire after huge blast

Spain: 'Chemical accident' triggers emergency at Catalonian factory

At least 4 injured in massive chemical plant explosion in Spain

Local reports say there are serious injuries and two people remain missing.

A huge explosion at a chemical factory in Spain claimed the life of a person and injured eight others as authorities asked the residents to stay indoors.

Local trains between Tarragona and neighbouring Port Aventura were suspended on police orders before later resuming services, the train operator Rodalies said, while the regional transport authority said some roads had been closed.

A spokesman for Catalonia's rescue services said the fire had been contained, adding that several of the injured had suffered burns.

A tweet by emergency services for the Catalonia region called the blast in the port city of Tarragona a "chemical accident" and said no information on possible deaths or injuries was available.

The blast took place on the premises of Iqoxe, according to a woman who answered the phone at the company and who quickly hung up the phone without giving her name.

The cause of the blast last night at the IQOXE facility - which specialises in the production of ethylene oxide, glycol and propylene oxide - is not immediately known.

However, authorities said there was no evidence of any "toxic cloud".

Iqoxe CEO José Luis Morlanes said the explosion occurred in a 20-ton tank of ethylene oxide in a part of the plant that had not had any problems since it was built in 2017.

Tuesday's explosion comes just over a month after a December 11 blaze at a solvent and industrial residues recycling plant in the northeastern town of Montornes del Valles.

The coastal city of Tarragona, with its 800,000 residents, is located some 115 kilometers (71 miles) southwest of Barcelona.

Since 2015, the city has housed a 1,200-hectare (2,965-acre) "chemical hub", ChemMed, that was described as the largest of its kind in southern Europe.

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