Sri Lankans cautioned of mysterious Chinese coronavirus

The Wuhan health commission said that 12 people have recovered and were discharged from hospital while five people were in serious condition

Wuhan virus could have spread between family members, say officials

USA authorities have said they would start screening at three airports to detect travellers arriving via direct or connecting flights from Wuhan who may have symptoms of the new virus.

Staff at airport quarantine stations will ask travelers about their health, and check for symptoms associated with the virus, such as fever and coughing. But he said they are more concerned about the labs of those countries where the transportation is not easy to send the samples.

Messonnier added that this was still the early days of the outbreak and that CDC's policies could change as more is learned about the virus. JFK and San Francisco have direct flights from and to Wuhan, and Los Angeles also welcomes many connecting passengers.

The crucial clue to the scale of the problem lies in the cases being detected in other countries.

Wuhan International Airport serves a population of 19 million people, but only 3,400 a day travel internationally.

While there have been no confirmed or suspected cases locally, the B.C. Centre for Disease Control said it is monitoring the situation closely. But they said they are working to expand their diagnostic capabilities so confirmation can happen faster.

Health workers will screen passengers coming from Wuhan, a major city in central China, into Los Angeles International Airport, San Francisco International Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport in NY. Travel is unusually heavy right now as people take trips to and from China to celebrate the Lunar New Year. There is no specific treatment for the new virus, but antiviral medications are being considered.

January 13 2020: A Chinese woman in Thailand was the first confirmed case of the mystery virus outside of China.

On Thursday, German researchers stated that they have developed the first diagnostic test for the newly detected mysterious virus.

China health officials report that most of the patients infected with the virus have had exposure to a large market where live animals were present, suggesting the virus is new and has jumped from animals to humans.

Chinese health officials closed the market for cleaning and disinfection on January 1. The Chinese man, who's in his 30s, that Japanese authorities discovered, said he didn't visit the seafood market. Health authorities worldwide are now adopting various strategies to stop further spread of the virus.

"The source also remains unknown", it said while urging all countries to be prepared to tackle the spread of the virus. "Some transmit easily from person to person, while others don't", according to WHO.

A second person has died from a new form of coronavirus in central China, health authorities said. The SARS epidemic began in southern China in late 2002, then spread to more than two dozen countries, killing almost 800 people.

The news comes as four more cases of the coronavirus were identified in Wuhan, bringing the total to 45.

The new virus spreading in China has made its way to Japan.

"It's highly plausible" that there will be a case in the United States, she said.

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