Trump Touts Trade Triumphs at Farm Bureau Meeting

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He thanked the crowd for sticking with him throughout the turbulent trade war before pulling out a Wall Street Journal article from his suit pocket with poll numbers saying Trump has support from 83% of farmers and ranchers.

United States President Donald Trump on January 19 hailed the "Phase one" trade deal with China for improving relations between both the nations and said that it was "much better" than he had expected.

When Trump spoke to the American Farm Bureau Federation's convention a year ago, he urged farmers to continue supporting him even as they suffered financially in the fallout from his trade war with China and a partial shutdown of the federal government.

At the signing of the contract with Beijing officials on Wednesday, Trump said that his policies "clean up past injustices and provide a future of economic justice and security to American workers, farmers, and families". Tell me. I get impeached.

NAFTA, wrote those organizations, helped create a reliable, high-quality supply of food products for USA consumers, while supporting more than 900,000 American jobs in food and agriculture and related sectors of the economy.

The agreement will have a positive ripple effect for the USA agricultural sector at large and Beijing has agreed to purchase an additional $200 billion of United States goods and services over the coming two years.

Only one Republican, Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey, voted against the deal because it is more protectionist than the existing trade pact.

The USMCA replaces the 25-year-old North American Free Trade agreement, known as NAFTA.

The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement includes new provisions for digital commerce and more stringent rules of origin for auto parts.

"This is an incredible success for our entire country", Trump said Sunday evening at a rally in Austin, Texas.

Notably, China effectively shut off its imports of USA agricultural products last summer, closing one of the largest export markets for US farmers.

"With this an important stage in the over and it goes to Parliament in Canada, but the forecasts are very good, because this treaty will mean more confidence in Mexico to install more companies, with good salaries and welfare for the country and the people", Obrador tweeted. "Trump would say: "No, it's not". "And what do I get out of it? I look forward to proceeding to phase two", he said. By these radical left lunatics.

The deal is also a boon for Trump as he faces an impeachment trial in the Senate this week, followed by a tough re-election fight.

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