'100 seconds to midnight': Australia singled out as Doomsday Clock advances

Doomsday clock announcement to be made at 10 a.m.

Doomsday Clock moves again, now just 100 seconds to midnight

The clock was introduced in 1967 and is a symbolic representation of how close humanity is to destroying civilization.

In fact, the Clock hand has been moved away from midnight nearly as often as it was moved closer, the Bulletin said.

Apocalyptic doom is apparently closer than it's ever been before. "Now is the time to come together-to unite and to act".

This is the closest to midnight the clock has ever been at, reflecting growing threats nuclear war, climate change, and disinformation. It was created by the scientists behind the Manhattan Project in 1947, and first set at 7 minutes to midnight.

Robert Rosner, the Chair of the Bulletin's Science and Security Board, said during the presentation that "a dismal state of affairs in the realms of nuclear security and climate change [described in 2019] now has become an apparently enduring, disturbing reality in which things are not getting any better".

The farthest the clock has been from midnight was in 1991, with the end of the Cold War, when it was 17 minutes to midnight. He added that governments across the globe have normalized a unsafe world in terms of the risks of nuclear warfare and climate change. Midnight on the clock is a metaphor for "global catastrophe", and according to the worldwide organization, humanity is now the closest it's ever been to the brink of total destruction since the clock's establishment in 1947.

But in the seventy five years since its inception we have never been as close to midnight as we are right now.

Members of the Science and Security Board present their rationale for the new time.

Before Thursday, two minutes to midnight had been the closest the clock has been to midnight - having reached that point just twice since the clock was established.

Bulletin also names the dire erosion of worldwide security and political infrastructure as motives for their decision to give the human race just 100 seconds on the clock.

Referencing "the new abnormal" introduced a year ago, the 2020 statement warned, "This unsafe situation remains-and continues to deteriorate". Let us know your thoughts in the comments. On the nuclear front, global leaders were urged to reinstate treaties, cut countries' arsenals, limit modernization programs, and "start talks on cyber warfare, missile defenses, the militarization of space, hypersonic technology, and the elimination of battlefield nuclear weapons".

During a press conference in Washington, D.C.to announce the Doomsday Clock update Thursday, former U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressed disappointment in global leaders for failing to address these two crises.

Brown, a former Democratic governor of California, also said that USA politicians from both major parties have not adequately worked to combat the nuclear and climate threats, and decried "vast, deep, and pervasive complacency" on a societal level.

Naturally, many were alarmed by the clock's new position - it's the closest it's ever been to midnight, now - but what exactly is the Doomsday Clock, who decides what "time" it is, and why should we care about it?

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