Facebook will remove some coronavirus conspiracy theories

Facebook Twitter fighting fake news linked to coronavirus

Facebook Twitter fighting fake news linked to coronavirus 02 Feb 2020- 9:30 File

Facebook, under fierce scrutiny worldwide in recent years over its privacy practices, has previously removed vaccine misinformation in Samoa, where a measles outbreak killed dozens late last year, after determining the situation was so severe that the inaccuracies were risks to physical harm, a spokeswoman told Reuters, calling the move an "extreme action".

The overall number of US women who die due to pregnancy or childbirth complications has remained steady, but there are some significant race- and age-related disparities, a new USA government report shows. If something is determined to be false, Facebook said it will limit its spread on Facebook and Instagram. Other countries are reporting cases as people who have traveled to China return home. Facebook is also removing content with false claims or conspiracy theories that have been reported by global health organizations and local health authorities, focusing in particular on claims created to discourage treatment or take appropriate precautions.

Facebook's third-party fact-checkers will review content and debunk false claims related to coronavirus. A pop-up window with "credible information" will also appear when people search for content related to the virus on Facebook or touch a related hashtag on Instagram.

Google's SOS Alert reorganizes Search results to show top news stories, any relevant local results, helpful information from trusted organizations and verified safety tips.

Free advertising credits have been provided to health organizations looking to run coronavirus education campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. And it's getting help from the health ministries across the world.

Jin noted in the Thursday blog post that not all the new measures were "fully in place" yet.

A company spokesperson told CNN Business earlier this week that it had not seen a coordinated increase in disinformation related to the virus, but would "remain vigilant" on the issue. In the same way, Facebook is taking steps to limit the spreading of false information.

Google announced Thursday that when people search for information about the coronavirus, it will pull up a special notice with updates from the WHO. The SOS alert will include latest updates from World Health Organization, safety tips, information, and resources.

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