Samsung's Z Flip Foldable Phone Video Has Leaked

Samsung S20

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip Leaks in Hands-On Video Ahead of February 11 Launch

The video was published by Ben Geskin on Twitter, without any additional information or details on the source of the leak.

The Samsung Galaxy Z should be one of the big reveals at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event, taking place on 11 February.

As noted by AndroidCentral, the model in the video is likely some kind of engineering sample given that a Samsung security consent form pops up on screen once it's opened. The Galaxy Z Flip apparently will arrive with much higher specs than the Razr on most counts and at what is projected to be a cheaper price. This screen shows the time, date, and battery percentage, though it's possible it will also display notifications. The outward surface of the device is quite reflective, switching between purple and pink shades depending on the lighting.

We're counting the days until Samsung officially announces the next-gen premium Galaxy S20 flagship smartphone series. Beside it is the camera module we're assuming includes dual cameras.

Granted, we already know basically all there is to know about Samsung's new foldable handset thanks to a bevy of previous leaks (none of which have been confirmed, by the way, including this new video), but hey, it's still cool to finally get our eyes on the thing in action.

When it comes to cameras it is said to have a 10-MP resolution hole-punch selfie cam as well as 12MP main and 12MOP ultra-wide lenses. Geskin doesn't identify where this video came from, but the look of the phone matches what we've heard so far about the Galaxy Z Flip. It remains to be seen whether Samsung was able to work around this issue.

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