Jennifer Lopez shares video showing moments before her Super Bowl performance

Shakira tries and shares a selfie with Jennifer López

Jennifer Lopez Learned About Kobe Bryant’s Death During Super Bowl Rehearsal

He said that he was anxious that the halftime show would keep him from getting into heaven, and that watching it put him in "danger of hell fire".

While many were quick to compare the viral moment to a turkey and characters from SpongeBob SquarePants, the true meaning of the tongue-waging cry was soon revealed to be a nod to her Lebanese heritage.

Just 48 hours after her unforgettable Super Bowl halftime show appearance with Jennifer Lopez, she's got another No. 1, with an nearly twenty-year-old song.

This so-called "powerful" message seemed to take back seat to viewers who complained about the crotch-grabbing skin show wondering if the National Football League would produce a more family-friendly show in the future or just pander to ratings. One poignant moment during JLo's set was when her own daughter Emme Maribel Muñiz sang her mother's hit single Let's Get Loud, while inside a cage. "I think we were just celebrating all that is lovely about this country - Puerto Rico being part of this country". EMME did AMAZING TOO! OMG!

The performance was met with strong praise and criticism, as many celebrated the stars' longevity and their nods to Latin music.

"I think it's the holy grail of the entertainment industry", she said in October.

She continued with: "I don't know if she'll follow in my footsteps, but she definitely has the genes". And might we suggest digging out some of her albums if you haven't played them for awhile?

JLO's stylist revealed to Daily Mailthat it took 10 hours off-and-on to put her Super Bowl look together. And now the Colombian singer-songwriter proves she's got impeccable timing. "She's incredible. It's natural".

The kid added: "When I was little, I used to be really shy singing in front of people, but not anymore. My favorite person to see is my mom". It showed two women at the top of their game celebrating each other.

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