The Jubilee Whale Charity Gala Dinner

On 20 Feb 2016, some museum staff were part of the Jubilee Whale Charity Gala dinner, where we announced the progress of our fund raising effort, and the opening of the sperm whale exhibit on 15 March 2016.


The team onstage (L to R): Prof Peter Ng, Kate Pocklington, Foo Maosheng, Iffah bte Iesa, Chen Mingshi, Belinda Teo, Marcus Chua.

The Jubilee Whale Charity Gala Dinner was a joint effort between Temasek Holdings, Mandai Safari Park Holdings, Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) and the LKCNHM. The organising committee was chaired by Ambassador at Large Prof Tommy Koh and key professionals from the private sector. Organisations and individuals who contributed to the Jubilee Whale Fund attended the dinner, which held at the Singapore Zoo.

During the dinner, Prof Peter Ng, head of the LKCNHM, and Marcus Chua, curator of mammals and birds, shared the story about the Singapore sperm whale that was found dead off Jurong Island on 10 July 2016. They detailed how the whale was discovered, and the process of securing the carcass, preserving the skeleton, and mounting the exhibition.

Prof Ng also announced that $1.3 million was raised for the the Jubilee Whale Fund. The amount raised will go into the exhibition that opens to the public on 15 Mar 2016, and the scientific and education programmes surrounding it.


Sharing about the story of the Singapore sperm whale. Photo by Iffah bte Iesa.

We would like to thank ESM Mr Goh Chok Tong for gracing the dinner as guest of honour, and Prof Tommy Koh, who is the chair of the Friends of the LKCNHM Committee for delivering the closing remarks. Special thanks to supporters who make the whale exhibit possible.

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